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Frantic Action

I cringe and stumble over to the lights.

Flip them on.

What time is i--shit.


It's early afternoon. Think.

A breakdown of the friendzone

On Huan M. Nguyen

Some tough love incoming.

Premise: It's not her fault if she associates you with friendliness.

If somebody spent time with you, and they were always friendly and warm, you'd come to expect that from them, right? Or if they were always quiet yet sarcastic and funny, you'd start describing that person as such. So if you're always friendly, warm, and nonsexual (no flirting, platonic touching), how is it her fault that she's come to see you as a friend, and not a lover? All that she's seen is friendliness and platonic companionship, no hints at intimacy.

It's in your power to get out, if you have the courage.

There are a couple solutions, ones that you'll see in this analogy:

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