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Predicting Rain Doesn't Count. Building Arks Does.

On the off chance you've never seen them, I'd like to point you to the best book reviews/outlines on the whole internet - that would be here: http://sivers.org/book/

An excerpt from Derek's review of "Seeking Wisdom" -

Predicting rain doesn't count; building arks does.

It took Noah 20 years to build an ark. And people said he was being silly because the skies were beautiful. And of course, the whole time, he looked stupid - until it started raining. You can spend a long time building an ark while everybody else is out there enjoying the sun.

I particularly like that one. You can look stupid building for a long time before things work out...

Be the User but not the Slave of the Gifts of Fortune (quote)

On Mike Dariano

This is why Marcus, immediately after advising readers to spend time thinking about how much they would miss their possessions if these possessions were lost, warns them to "beware lest delight in them leads you to cherish them so dearly that their loss would destroy your peace of mind." Along similar lines, Seneca, after advising us to enjoy life, cautions us not to develop "over-much love" for things we enjoy. To the contrary, we must take care to be "the user, but not the slave, of the gifts of Fortune." Page 83.

I just recently finished reading A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and no recent book has resonated quite as strongly with me. I enjoyed so many parts of this book that I didn't want to write a traditional review but instead wanted to share direct quotes that will explain much better than I what Stoicism is and is not.

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