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Predicting Rain Doesn't Count. Building Arks Does.

On the off chance you've never seen them, I'd like to point you to the best book reviews/outlines on the whole internet - that would be here: http://sivers.org/book/

An excerpt from Derek's review of "Seeking Wisdom" -

Predicting rain doesn't count; building arks does.

It took Noah 20 years to build an ark. And people said he was being silly because the skies were beautiful. And of course, the whole time, he looked stupid - until it started raining. You can spend a long time building an ark while everybody else is out there enjoying the sun.

I particularly like that one. You can look stupid building for a long time before things work out...

Want to Learn Japanese History? Start with Sengoku

Hi Sebastian

Happy new year!

I am hoping you would share your resources for your reading on Japanese history. Book titles and/or urls would be very helpful.


I got that a week ago, and I kind of sat there staring at the email. Japanese history is some of the most confusing to start to learn, because different elements of Japanese history and culture all play on and influence each other. I could run you through the military history of Japan from The Battle of Okehazama to Sekigahara to the Boshin War, from there into Dai Nippon Tekoku Era, from there into defeat and the Occupation under McArthur, and then we could do a little post-war history.

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