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Days Seventeen and Eighteen: Perhaps I Have A Solution To Entering "High Creative Mode"

"Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here." -- Inscription on the Gates of Hell, Dante Alighieri's "Inferno"

The worthy detour? I think I've got a formula for "High Creative Mode"... just it's not particularly consistently effective yet, and it's playing a pretty high stakes game. On Day Seventeen, I made my first crack at applying it, and had an incredible day. I wrote a 5000-word piece, that after editing and getting the ending right, I think could be amazingly fantastic. Just writing it was a joy.

Following from that, I was walking on air for the rest of the day.

In Day Eighteen, I attempted the same thing, and fell short. This was maddening, and the whole day was aggravating. I think I've got a rough formula for High Creative Mode, but it doesn't produce 100% results. And when it fails, it's pretty ugly, at least so far.

I kept detailed notes on both days, much more fleshed out than usual. There's more stream-of-consciousness. They're... honestly, a little weird. You can evaluate for yourself:

Days 46, 47: Very Productive, Though Unsystematically So

Day 46 was untracked. I set priorities in the morning, but then got into a good piece of writing, outlining more writing, and picked up an excellent book and read 150 pages of it. It was Saturday, so was just letting whatever happen.

Day 47 --

Awake: 12:40PM (9 hours)

1:10PM: At hotel with good internet to work. Didn't make a plan for the day.

I should look at… *Core current campaigns *To-do list *Goals

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