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Days Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three: Also Uneventful

Day Twenty-Two started as tracked, but I some bug/crash on my Evernote iPhone sync -- so no tracking. I actually can't recall exactly what I did. Gym, work, some high level things, I think? Some sales, I think? Some client work? And some email? I'm not sure.

Day Twenty-Three was untracked and just busy start to finish. I was working the whole day on short-term important projects and client work, of which I'm swamped in. Which is a bummer, because I'm not making time for the high level stuff.

I had a break of a few hours on D23, and I spent the time gathering some infrastructure up -- I did finance, budgeting, some profitability and profit-margin numbers, got a free membership to Regus, and got a bunch of new iPhone apps. Not the best use of time, but not the worst either.

Jet Lag

On Tynan

I think it's our third day here. It's hard to tell because I've spent a good amount of that time sleeping. However, I'm now over the jet lag and ready for action again.

Last year when we came to Japan we had no jet lag at all. My jet lag strategy is to try to match my sleeping pattern to the destination's. We got into Japan at 4pm on Tuesday, so I should have been awake for 4-6 hours and have slept for 8 hours.

That's how we did it last year and it was fine.

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