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Oh, there's plenty of time for the stuff that matters

In response to, "Things are on fire? Hmm. Well, then," one of the guys I work with emailed me and offered to take things off my plate for me and pick up the slack.

I really appreciated it. He's a fantastic dude. But I wanted to explain that no, it's cool, the stuff I'm cutting is what's worth cutting, and what's left I have plenty of time for. Here's my reply to him -


Graciously appreciated and you're welcome to contribute, but I consider this project the "fueling up the airplanes" and "recruiting a corps of engineers" time - it's where I want to be spending time.

I've blown off a lot of bullshit. The hot water is off in my building, I haven't showered for a couple days, and it's gross. Oh well, I'll cold shower in a moment (I just exercised). My email hasn't been answered. Little bullshit isn't getting done...

Using WorkFlowy as a Throwaway Calendar

On Mike Dariano

As a stay-at-home father I have a schedule I understand. Most days begin with feeding my daughters then probably off to school, then maybe the library, then another school, and maybe gymnastics. These days aren't regular but the varied parts of them have become habit. Oh, and there's the cleaning.

Some days I have to travel for work, to observe student teachers give lessons. On these days, when I'm traveling to different schools and running atypical errands I like to have a view of what's happening and when. A view that lets me cross things off as I do them and have a list of of things I need to do at each one.

Enter WorkFlowy.

For example, last Friday I had to be at Washington Elementary at 9:40am. I've only been to the school once so I needed to give myself extra time. Planning it out like this also makes me consider what I have to do and when.

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