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Day Nineteen: Took The Smaller Guaranteed Win

Plan for Day 19 was pretty loose --

[Day 18 was an] attempt and fail at High Creative Mode.

Let's take another crack at it tomorrow. Same objectives?

The results were that I got up quite late, took a crack at it, but when it wasn't coming together I took some smaller guaranteed wins -- went to the gym, made phonecalls, did some general work that needed to be done. A fine if unspectacular day --

Awake: 5:20PM (or a little earlier) (10 hours)

Why I Love My Morning Routine (And How You Can Too)

On Travel 'n' Wellness

Morning routines are like excuses. Everyone has one. And just like excuses, some morning routines are more "legit" than others.

Take, for example, the rushed morning routine that involves waking up 10-15 minutes before departure, grabbing a quick bowl of cereal or energy bar, and heading out the door. This is the common way in which nearly everyone handles their mornings.

What's the more "legit" routine? I call it the relaxed approach: by waking up at least 45 minutes before departure at a set time every morning, the relaxed approach emphasizes a well thought-out morning routine that enables productivity and a happy mood throughout the day.

For most of my life, I've had a rushed morning routine, and man, was it AWFUL!

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