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Day Seven -- That's It For Week 1

Last day of the week --

The day's agenda:

*Blog immediately *Work on sales process some *Then all sales calls *Review week if in high energy / creativity *Maintenance if not

Results --

Awake: 1:30AM (9 hours sleep)

Improve Your Memory

On The Pretty Chicken

There are ways on how we can improve our memory. One of them is proper sleep. How can we say that we have slept enough? Some people feel refreshed and relaxed after 6 hours or sleep, some people takes 8 hours, others maybe longer. It all depends on the person. Another way to improve our memory is by eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. Taking commercial multi-vitamins also helps because we do not have the capacity to eat all the vitamin requirements we need in a day. Simple brain exercises done in a regular basis also helps in improving our memory.

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