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Day Seven -- That's It For Week 1

Last day of the week --

The day's agenda:

*Blog immediately *Work on sales process some *Then all sales calls *Review week if in high energy / creativity *Maintenance if not

Results --

Awake: 1:30AM (9 hours sleep)

Winter of Andy - Day 4 RECAP

On Reustonium

Last night marks the first time Alex has slept through the entire night! That was awesome, I know Liser especially enjoyed what was probably her best night of sleep in nearly a year.

8:30am - Alex really embraced the whole, 'get a good night of sleep' idea, but apparently he wasn't done resting, so after a morning bottle it was lights out again. The benefactor of his drowsiness was the pup. FRISBEE TIME!!!

9:30am - Alex is up and after reading a few stories I decide to get greedy and have a shower. Morning shower in the morning time! After yesterday that feels like a win.

12:07pm - A quick aside, I'm very lucky to have a cool job that has taken me to some interesting places, one such place was Luke Air-force Base where I got to walk the flight line. Dozen's of F-16's in various states of operation, it's hot and it's loud. But being that close to an F-16 (and it's P&W F-100 engine) is way cool. To take a further detour the F-100 engine sound played backwards is the sound emitted by the hypnotoad. That's totally 100% true, you can look it up on the internet.

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