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Day Five and Mid-Week Review

It's funny how even when the week got derailed on Day 2, just having goals means you can stay roughly on track.

Here was the night-before for Day 5:

Day 5 plan (done the next day, didn't do before sleep):

Once awake, focus on creative writing until it's complete.

Do some general clearup maintenance.

Dadhacker - Help Maintaining Your Sanity With a Newborn

On The Jolly Bat

Just over a year ago, I had a major life changing experience; my first daughter was born. Whilst everyone told me just how major a life changing experience this would be, I didn't appreciate how big a deal until I got there. Free time? No chance. A whole load of additional tasks to keep her happy and healthy …? You bet. Did we need help…? You bet!

I work for 42 hours a week in an office. Going home to a baby, or going to work after limited sleep has been a new challenge. As Prince William said recently:

In terms of keeping up with a baby's routine, tracking when she last ate, had a nappy changed, when the last time she slept or for how long, when you last gave her medicine etc... it is difficult. There are lots of things going on to manage, and she is not able to tell you what is wrong or what she wants. It took us so long to make any routine work for her, and we were spending most of our time running around looking after her, and very little having quality time together.

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