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New on LessWrong: Collecting and hoarding crap, useless information

LessWrong is one of my favorite discussion sites on the internet. It's a discussion site about rationality, and I highly recommend it. Don't be intimidated by how high the level of discussion gets sometimes - there's many good ways to get started. I wrote "You Should Probably Study Rationality" with some intro material. "References and Resources for LessWrong" was just posted today on LW and looks like a good starting point too.

Collecting and Hoarding Crap, Useless Information LessWrong discussion here: http://lesswrong.com/lw/2uu/collecting_and_hoarding_crap_useless_information/

I am realizing something that many, many intelligent people are guilty of - collecting and hoarding and accumulating crap, useless information. This is dangerous, because it feels like you're doing something useful, but you're not.

However, speaking personally - once I decide to start focusing and researching something systematically to get better at it, it gets harder to do. For instance, I taught myself statistics mostly using baseball stats. It was a fun, easy, harmless context to learn statistics.

I read lots of history and historical fiction. I read up lots on business and entrepreneurship. This is easy and fun and enjoyable.

North American Courtesy

One of the most refreshing things about being back in the United States and Canada is just how friendly people are.

We presented in Austin during SXSW, and despite the city being packed, everyone was fantastic. At restaurants, businesses, walking around -- just all fantastically nice and courteous people.

Austin is probably only the second most courteous city we've been on the Tour, though.

Number 1? Vancouver.

People are overwhelmingly -- almost crazily -- friendly and courteous in Vancouver.

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