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Day Seven -- That's It For Week 1

Last day of the week --

The day's agenda:

*Blog immediately *Work on sales process some *Then all sales calls *Review week if in high energy / creativity *Maintenance if not

Results --

Awake: 1:30AM (9 hours sleep)

Days 41, 42: Thunderstorms, Action

My tracking's been off, largely because my routine has been off. Rebasing in a new city/country leads to doing things differently, which teaches you things and leads to upgrades. When traveling, you're more likely to have epiphanies, breakthroughs, and huge gains and changes, but often that consistent day-to-day success and "trend upwards" stuff can get off course.

Here was D41 --

A rough outline of the day --

6:50AM: Awake (7 hours)

10AM: Figuring out pricing and feature mix of new product offering. (180 marketing)

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