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Day Twelve and Thirteen -- Metrics Are A Blessing And A Curse

Here was the plan for Day 12. If you remember, I was wrecked a few days earlier and looking to re-track --

Plan for tomorrow…

Over the next 3 days, need, *Sales *Philanthropy *Writing

Tomorrow… *Morning, a couple errands (power, etc) *Afternoon, take a quick crack at writing *Go to gym *Clean up *Meet Stepan, goals, etc. *Sleep early enough, tomorrow doesn't have to be crazy -- more important to just be on track

Here's what happened -

Day 6 and No-nonsense Tracking

On Work in Progress

My aim is to make my tracking system and my day nonsense proof. Last week, even though I managed to stick to my diet and work out every day as planned, I was consistently failing in Reading, Grammar, Waking up and Ice baths. So I am changing the format of my tracking system to make sure I am not missing out on key activities. So I changed it according to priority High, Medium, Low. I want to complete at least 8/10 High activities, 5/8 Medium and may be at least one low priority activity.

By Priority


1. Diet (Slow Carb) B: L: D:

2. Work out (Swimming/Weights)

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