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Day Six

I'll have to think if this has always been true -- do the most successful days overwhelmingly account for the most production and getting things done?

Here were Day Six's objectives --


*Wake 1:20PM for 1:30PM call. *Have a good call, get reqs for that project

*Immediately after call, --Modafinil --Bring laptop with to gym --Gym

Manish - I am Full of Shit

On Tynan

I overslept on my earlier nap today. Ty calls and is like "are you sleeping, I'm coming over" I'm like "No, No, I'm always up", not feeling like taking a verbal berating in my fragile state. I think we both knew I was full of shit.

I thought I was done. I had no extra naps last night, and felt good throughout. But I slept right through the alarm this morning. I had turned down the volume on my computer to listen to some music and forgot to turn it back up before the nap. Also, I think I might be associating the wake up song with sleep now that I've had it waking me up 10+ times in 2 days. So now I have a presleep ritual:

1. Check volume
2. Check timer
3. Change the song.

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