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Day Three - Took The Night Off Early

After Day Two was off the rails entirely, I wanted to rest and recuperate a little, so I set my benchmarks low. Okay, I'd rather gear down and be Conan the Barbarian with a big ol' sword, but it didn't work out like that.

Here was my plan, emphasis added --


Wake 5:30PM (7 hours sleep… hmm). GGW call scheduled for 6PM.

GGW call concludes… 7PM?

What to do on one of those days?

On Journal of a Confused Mind

Oh, I don't mean that kind of one of those days-days, the other kind of one of those days-day. Not the kind where everything is awful, the kind of day where everything is just meh. Like I could eat? Meh, then I'd have to cook. I could do my stuff? Meh, I don't really care. I could have fun and watch the Bing Bang theory? Meh, not feeling like it today. Call a friend? Meh, don't bother. Kill myself with a spoon? Meh, sounds tiring.

I have things to do (both things I have to and things I want to), I'm just feeling totally off today. Is there a rulebook for how to handle blah days? I want one..

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