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Day Four -- No Sleep

Sometimes if my sleep schedule gets too late / out of whack, I'll stay up all night, and then sleep early and a lot to normalize it. That was my Day Four plan --


Day Three Plan:

Day starts at 8AM with no sleep and modafinil.

Let the morning go abstract, a mix of distraction / drifting around while brainstorming on writing… I'm not sure which of 3 outlined good pieces I've got that I'd want to write, so going to do a mix of clicking around on my outlines and fleshing them out, screwing around and playing Chess online, reading other stuff, surfing the web, whatever.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

I've been focusing lately on trying have a little bit of something joyous every day.  Now I don't mean anything extravagant necessarily, but basically, something that I derive great joy out of doing. Life often presents enough challenges that are tough and disappointing.  I blogged recently about taking responsibility for my own happiness.  I'm try to do more of this each day. Occasionally this might mean eating something decadently  sweet and delicious like ice cream, or it could be listening to my favorite song in my car.  Lately, I've been incorporating various little joyous things into my daily life. Here are a few:---Reading a chapter of a book in bed before falling a sleep at night. I love reading in bed.  It's one of my favorite things to do especially on an overcast and cloudy day.  I've been doing this every night for the past few weeks.---A cup of warm coffee in the morning. I think I just love drinking something warm to start off my day.  This is extremely comforting.---Watching HGTV, especially my favorite show "House Hunters" (and "House Hunters International"). Television is a luxury I don't often allow myself.  I consciously try to live more of an active life than a passive one.  However, I watch HGTV on the ellyptical machine when I go to the gym.  This makes exercising so much more fun.  I LOVE HGTV!!!   It is my tv drug of choice, but I only watch it at the gym as kind of a gift to myself for working out.  Whoever came up with the bright idea to attach tv screens to cardio exercise machines was a genius!!---Blogging I've only been blogging over the last year, but it gives me a chance to do some actual writing.  At my core, I've always been a writer of words and a poet before anything else.  It is also a way to keep an ongoing record of what is happening in my life.---Hanging out with my family I get to do a whole lot of this now that I live in the Nashville area.   As I get older, I am becoming increasingly aware of how impermanent all things in life are.  I treasure the many meals, conversations, laughter, and fun shared with my sisters, nephews, niece, in-laws, and my mom.  These are joyous moments that I don't take for granted. Overall, I don't consider myself an extravagant person.  I only allow myself to splurge on something once in a while.  I've learned not to depend on other people or physical objects to make me happy.  Joy has to be cultivated from within.  I pay great attention to this now more than ever. Have a flower. -g

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