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Day Four -- No Sleep

Sometimes if my sleep schedule gets too late / out of whack, I'll stay up all night, and then sleep early and a lot to normalize it. That was my Day Four plan --


Day Three Plan:

Day starts at 8AM with no sleep and modafinil.

Let the morning go abstract, a mix of distraction / drifting around while brainstorming on writing… I'm not sure which of 3 outlined good pieces I've got that I'd want to write, so going to do a mix of clicking around on my outlines and fleshing them out, screwing around and playing Chess online, reading other stuff, surfing the web, whatever.

Short term goals and Daily routine

On Work in Progress

For a long time I was worried that I din't have any long term goals, even if I had them they were too vague to take any specific action. So I stopped worrying about having those 40 year, 50 year goals and concentrated on short term goals. I have a list of very specific short term goals. I believe we have better chance of achieving short term goals since we can see immediate results.

Also, we can use these short term goals as mile stones for mid term and long term goals. For e.g. loosing 4 inch of waistline in 2 months is a short term goal, it can be a a mile stone in the midterm goal of getting a six pack after 12 months.

I feel that our short term goals and our daily routine should be in Sync. That will ensure maximum progress.

Short term goals -

1. To loose weight and get fit - By Slow carb diet + Ice baths + Weight training + Bet with a friend

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