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Days Eight and Nine

So, the "no sleep" thing is not a recipe for success. Day Eight's target:

Day considered started: 9:50AM (no sleep)

Slept around 8:20PM. Didn't track.

The day wasn't an entire waste, I had a bunch of errands, phonecalls, things like that. But none of the really high level stuff.

Day 9:


On The Words of Focus Project

Fucking victory.

I did it. All of it. Everything I said I would do, and then some extra because it was cool.

Start off by doing lunch with friends. Then fought off the habitual urge to masterbait and instead took a 15 minute nap. Waking, attempting yoga, shower, reading for an hour, and planning my day.


Mid-planning, I shoot of the BTA FB post (the time was ripe).

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