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Days Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five: Switching Momentum

Most of the important aspects of my work work requires focus and creativity. One thing I'm realizing, then, is just how destructive it is When focus is thrown off first thing to start the day.

Here was the plan for Day 24 --

Sleeping at 8:50AM.

Setting alarm for 2PM -- 5 hours.

Have to be at Loft at 7PM.

Days 35, 36, 37: Back in Mongolia

Day 35 was the last day in Beijing before going to Mongolia. A variety of running around before finally leaving --

Awake: 1:30PM. (9.5 hours)

5PM: Got passport, walk, return. (30 transit, 180 walking)

7:30PM: (30 social, 60 semi-productive, 60 distraction)

Solid work into the night, got another sale, etc.

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