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Day Three - Took The Night Off Early

After Day Two was off the rails entirely, I wanted to rest and recuperate a little, so I set my benchmarks low. Okay, I'd rather gear down and be Conan the Barbarian with a big ol' sword, but it didn't work out like that.

Here was my plan, emphasis added --


Wake 5:30PM (7 hours sleep… hmm). GGW call scheduled for 6PM.

GGW call concludes… 7PM?

Why Walking Will Cure Your Relationship Problems

On The Slowing

Yesterday was the first day in awhile where I was really alone. I've been so caught up in moving, I've barely had a minute to think about free time. But, my roommate (and best friend) Sally just left town for 8 days. I'm finally settled at work and, with my social life in its current spartan state, I realized last night that the next 8 days would be a lot of just... me.

So, I biked home after work. Read some John Seymour. Ate some spaghetti. Watched people from my front deck perch. Then I thought, "Hell, let's see the world." So I tied on my shoes and started walking.

My city is incredible, for those of you who don't know. The picture above is just one of the hundreds of hidden graffiti artscapes dotting the buildings around town. I have driven by this building a hundred times. But it was only when I walked past that I actually noticed the art.

Lately, I've become acutely aware of the pace of my actions. I think it comes as a result of my zen studies, my commuting to work by bike, and my Friday farming. I also started working for a nonprofit whose focus is natural lands. The slowness is almost overwhelming when you begin to spend time in nature.

Nonetheless, this isn't the first time I've appreciated the benefits of a slower pace. Each morning that I bike to work, I bump into people. I actually am going slow enough to smile at my neighbors, wish them a "good morning." (Can you imagine that in place of the anger you feel at morning traffic?) Also, when I visited Sally in London last year, I had to entertain myself while she was in class all day. So I spent 10 days walking London. It is one of my favorite trips to date, a bizarre fact considering I was alone for most of it.

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