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Day Twelve and Thirteen -- Metrics Are A Blessing And A Curse

Here was the plan for Day 12. If you remember, I was wrecked a few days earlier and looking to re-track --

Plan for tomorrow…

Over the next 3 days, need, *Sales *Philanthropy *Writing

Tomorrow… *Morning, a couple errands (power, etc) *Afternoon, take a quick crack at writing *Go to gym *Clean up *Meet Stepan, goals, etc. *Sleep early enough, tomorrow doesn't have to be crazy -- more important to just be on track

Here's what happened -

The Two Commandments Of Awesomely Productive Days (+ 14 More Tips)

On Linus Rylander

So, well, that was fun. I tested a new cover and title for my book and rankings *plummeted*. About 92% worse, it seems.

Regardless, the content is still the same, and it is still awesome. In my humble (but accurate) opinion.

I’m devising a new evil scheme to test things like covers and titles much faster. More on that later, maybe.

Hmm. What to write about today? I started the day by breaking my two commandments of productivity:

Both of these fall under my general commandment for life:

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