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When Stumbling on Something Awesome, Roll With It

I'm a big believer in schedules and priorities, but occasionally I come across something that's really amazing. At this point, I engage in the amazing thing without beating myself up or feeling guilty over it.

Today I found "Learn Writing With Uncle Jim," an amazing forum thread on writing. It's written by James McDonald, and he's got a sharp, clear thinking way about him.

I'm shifting everything else back a little bit, because it's such good stuff. It's about writing fiction, which I don't do, but he's such a clear thinker that it's enjoyable and worth reading anyways. Highly recommended. Also recommended: Embrace it when you find something that's worth massively a lot even if it's not on your to-do list. The to-do list exists to serve you, you don't serve it.

(cuda) Dynamic parallelism Applications

On GPGPnotes

If you have an Nvidia GPU with a compute capability 3.5 and more, you could use the Dynamic parallelism feature to accelerate recursive algorithms such as fractals or quicksort algorithms.


Basically, it allows threads in GPU kernels to launch other GPU kernels. It would then make the device operating more autonomously from the host CPU.

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