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Newsletter Launching - GetSomeVictory

Well, I just got a nice kick in the ass. I've been meaning to launch GetSomeVictory for a while now. Then, today and yesterday and there's over 20,000 visitors total to the site. Whoops, would've been nice to have the newsletter already built before that.

Ah well! We launch now.

The video's got the basic details. GetSomeVictory is going to let us to do things beyond just what a blog is capable of - I can plan out and budget time for more interactive things.

To tell you the 100% honest truth, I don't know exactly what the format is going to be like. I have some ideas, and I want to try to a variety of things until we settle into something that works really well. I'm pretty sure there's a winning concept here.

inspiration: angelo sotira, ceo of deviantART

On The Elated Parrot

Angelo Sotira and me

yesterday, i met angelo sotira, the ceo of deviantART. he was speaking at the "office hours" stage at LAUNCH Festival here in SF.

he talked about a lot of things. here are some takeaways.

the coolest thing about angelo is that he's found what he loves to do: running an online community. he wants to do it for the rest of his life.

i've had opportunities to do the same. cybiko community. google community. invision plus. but each had a lifecycle of about 4 years, give or take. the community was specifically tied to a thing that waned in popularity. cybiko was a commercial failure and faded away. google had their IPO.. and then eventually launched their own product forums. invision plus was mostly foreign language boards and it was hard to relate culturally. i grew tired of it. the phase ended. my interest waned. they weren't a good fit.

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