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Newsletter Launching - GetSomeVictory

Well, I just got a nice kick in the ass. I've been meaning to launch GetSomeVictory for a while now. Then, today and yesterday and there's over 20,000 visitors total to the site. Whoops, would've been nice to have the newsletter already built before that.

Ah well! We launch now.

The video's got the basic details. GetSomeVictory is going to let us to do things beyond just what a blog is capable of - I can plan out and budget time for more interactive things.

To tell you the 100% honest truth, I don't know exactly what the format is going to be like. I have some ideas, and I want to try to a variety of things until we settle into something that works really well. I'm pretty sure there's a winning concept here.

Join a big project at GiveGetWin

If you've been looking to change the world, here's your shot.

What we'll be doing:

- launching the biggest deal GiveGetWin deal thus far, from a really well-regarded and brilliant bestselling author- shooting for $30,000+ in money raised for charity

What you'll get out of it:

- hands-on experience with a major product launch- lessons in getting press and dealing with journalists- an idea of the marketing strategy that goes into driving attention- the chance to work and connect with an awesome group of people- some amazing credibility from testimonials, creative, portfolio, etc.- the knowledge that you've done tons of good for the world

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