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Too Many Ideas...?

Question from a reader --

Hey Sebastian,

Great find with the investment principles document, thanks for posting about that on your blog. I just had a quick question I'd appreciate your opinion on, as you seem like someone who's constantly coming up with new ideas and taking on lots of projects.

What do you do when you have too many ideas? I've been looking into doing a few different things since my last company was acquired, and feel a bit confused by how many ideas (about 5 I really like) I have and how many things I want to do. How do you deal with that?

Hope all's well man,

Taking Massive Action part 1: Finding What you Want

On Ideas

Finding out what you want in life is arguably one of those pesky subjects that will cause you have to a sort of "crisis" once or twice in your life. In order to to take action, one must narrow in on what they want and be able to manifest their motivation to to then take massive action. In order to talk about this topic well, I might need to get a bit philosophical.

First and foremost the most important principal to understand is

Everything is mental

In my opinion, nothing really has innate meaning, because meaning is a human creation. We create meaning, we give meaning, we blur meaning, we create systems for deriving meaning etc.. Without humans the very concept of meaning wouldn't exist. Furthermore, All of us are subject to the perceptions of our minds. Thus it is very important to understand that everything is mental and through mental conditioning, whether through imagery, dreaming, meditation, or something as simple as associating and surrounding yourself with the right people, one will be able to guide their mind towards the direction of their choosing.

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