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Negotiation 201: Don't Chisel (1) Long-term Relationships, Nor (2) Great Deals

Learning about negotiation is one of those culture-shocking things. You start seeing underlying patterns and trends in life.

It can be painful for a while, when you see all the things that went poorly, that you did wrong, or techniques and tactics that were used against you in the past.

It can also be pretty damn exciting, because then you start to feel armed and equipped. A lot of things in life are negotiable, far more than most people think. And the vast majority of negotiation gives you options to have pleasant interactions that both sides walk away feeling good from, especially if you're savvy about it.

But some negotiation techniques that work effectively aren't really honorable under most conceptions of honor, aren't good to the other side, and... yet can be highly effective.

One of those that goes by many different names is the "nibble" or the "chisel" -- as soon as you have agreement in principle, or even a contract signed already, they'll push to get a bit more, and more, and more.

Money-Making Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

On The Best of Sett

I've been trying to make money ever since I was 7 years old. Some of my ideas have been more successful than others. But all in all, the ventures I pursued in my younger years panned out and I made some (relatively) great money. The experiences I had, and the ventures themselves, taught me a lot about how to be a successful entrepreneur and provided me with a solid foundation going forward.

This post is a recap of some of the businesses I did. Get with your kid and try one!

Age 7: Sodas at City League Baseball/Softball Games

My hometown of Rocklin, CA has a great baseball and softball city league scene. My dad at the time played on one of the teams. So every Friday night I went to his games. But I was always thirsty. And their drink selection was horrible. I had found an opportunity.

With the help of my mother I went to Costco every Friday before the games and purchased sodas and bottled water in bulk. We also got some ice. I filled two coolers full of drinks, grabbed my big cardboard sign I made, and we headed to the park.

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