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Authoritarian Industrialization?

I was reading about the history of South Korea, particularly the Park Chung-hee Dictatorship from 1961 until Park's assassination in 1979.

Two qualities define his reign -

1. Authoritarianism. Suppression of opposition, suppression of liberalism, militarism, war, and general high-handedness.

2. Industrialization. Rapidly modernizing, improvement in economic quality of life, South Korea's rise from the most devastated part of East Asia into a burgeoning economic power.

You'll see lots of history follow that pattern -- authoritarian societies seem to be able to rapidly industrialize and "catch up" with the rest of the world.

You're Deciding How Well You Want To Do It

Our story begins with Ciara Pressler going on a 16-mile run. It’s her best run of the year.

Her hypothesis?

She chose to run well today.

Ciara spent the night before visualizing having an energetic and successful run, and came to the start of it with that purpose and expectation. She was excited as she laced up her sneakers, and met her friends — fellow runners who can push the pace.

At one moment in the long run, Ciara thinks, “I want to fall behind.”

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