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Fighting the Overwhelm Monster

From a reader -

Just a thought - You probably get several requests for advice, inputs etc. Do you not get overwhelmed?

Indeed, my email/people contacting me volume has gone up massively a lot. Like, a whole lot.

Do I get overwhelmed? Well, I reckon there's two things people usually call "overwhelmed" -

1. A short term overwhelmed feeling, like when you've got to do 6 hours of things, but you've got a flight in 3 hours.

Christmas time is here.

On The Anon Girl

I know most people love Christmas and all, I do too, but some parts of it I don't like as much. For instance when someone tells you they got you something, and you feel like you just have to get them something back, but you don't know what to get them! You would think if your dating someone it would be so easy to figure out something to get them, but it's really not! I should just get him a potato and say some cheesy line about potatoes with it. You guys wanna make me a cheesy potato line? Another thing is, when you see all the presents under your tree before it's actually Christmas day, and you have the humongous urge to open them! Anyone else have that? Luckily, my parents have started to not put the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve! Well there's my little rant about Christmas, wanna tell me what you think of it?

~The Anon Girl

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