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Fighting the Overwhelm Monster

From a reader -

Just a thought - You probably get several requests for advice, inputs etc. Do you not get overwhelmed?

Indeed, my email/people contacting me volume has gone up massively a lot. Like, a whole lot.

Do I get overwhelmed? Well, I reckon there's two things people usually call "overwhelmed" -

1. A short term overwhelmed feeling, like when you've got to do 6 hours of things, but you've got a flight in 3 hours.

What Won't You Change?

On Tynan

A while back I watched some of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, a firmly entrenched creationist. The debate was mostly hilarious and mind-boggling, but one question really stood out to me. Someone asked each of them, what, if anything, could change their mind. Bill Nye said anything-- any shred of evidence that "divine" creation may have occurred. Ken said nothing. He admitted that there was no possible way he would ever change his mind.

Whether you believe the insanity of creation or not, it should alarm you that he had a belief he was not willing to change under any circumstances. It's one thing to have a lot of confidence and admit that the bar of proof would have to be very high, but it's another to openly admit that you would choose to ignore reason.

That made me think a lot about how we approach life outside religion. There are some things that we are very willing to change our minds on, some that we'd be reluctant to, and in some cases, some that we would almost never change our minds on.

For example, I think that Chipotle makes a great burrito bowl. I'm crazy about Chipotle. But if you told me that the place next door is even better, I'd be totally open to trying it and quite possibly conceding that it's better.

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