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Steel on the Inside, Steel on the Outside? (Or, "On getting a haircut screwed up")

Life is funny.

About 36 hours ago, I wrote "Steel on the Inside, Silk on the Outside."

I think most guys are afraid to do this – to wear light colors, to go to a spa, to being silly and lighthearted, these traditionally feminine things. I think most guys go out of their way to appear tough, rugged, macho. And you know why? I think it’s because most of ‘em are soft on the inside, scared, powerless, aimless.

My philosophy is be as strong as steel on the inside, and light and gentle like silk on the outside.


Coming to Terms With My Own Ineffectuality in the Ante Meridiem (AM)

On Man of the Couch

People always claim to be morning or night people. These two groups are constantly feuding. I know in my home I am a morning person and my wife is the farthest thing from it. When we first got married I almost had to wear sparring pads so I could defend myself if I said "good morning" too cheerfully. Don't feel to bad for me, this is just my life threatening yolk to bear.

Over the last year and a half my wife and I have evened out and almost reversed. She is now much better at waking up without cussing out the alarm clock and I am more likely to roll over a few times before sitting up...and then laying back down and going back to sleep.

The problem with this is mornings are the time that I feel most productive. When I get in to work early I almost always get more done and enjoy myself more. I'm pretty sure that if I could be in by 8 every morning I would have found a cure for the common cold, written a concerto that would rival those written by Mozart, discovered three new species of miniature kangaroos, and figured out this whole "pop and lock" thing the kids are raving about.

That typically doesn't happen though.

[caption id="attachment_418" align="alignright" width="153" caption="I figure if I'm watching The Office before I go into my office I'm just psyching myself up"][/caption]

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