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Take the 3 hours

I was never sure if it made sense to sleep if you're going to be underslept anyways, but then I read the science in "Take a Nap, Change Your Life."

The verdict? When you're tired, getting more sleep can never make you more tired. The disorientation coming out of sleep is from being in a deep sleep mode, but it passes quickly. From empirical testing - I take almost any amount of sleep now if running low, and it works better.

Good Sleep

On Tynan

I think that some might be surprised to hear how much I sleep and how important it is to me. I average right around eight hours per day (tracked for a few months), and prioritize sleep very strongly, even over most work.

Once ten pm comes around, I have four options for things I'm allowed to do: I can play violin, read a book, work, or sleep. Computer is off at midnight every day, at which point I usually read for an hour or two, and then go to sleep.

The other night I was tired at ten, but I was really excited about my work so I tried to push through and keep at it. I was stuck trying to fix something, but I managed to try five or ten solutions out before getting in bed. At the time, it felt like a good choice.

I woke up the next morning, took one look at the code, and spotted the solution instantly. Within five minutes it was fixed. Once is a fluke, but I've noticed this pattern over and over again with work when I'm tired-- it feels like I'm working, but often I'm just spinning my wheels.

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