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GiveGetWin Annual Tour III starts in October; thanks for the memories this year

Thanks for all the good memories on the Second Annual GiveGetWin Tour -- we wrapped last night in Miami. What a fantastic city for a last Tour date, it's so beautiful here... we're going to get hit the beach as a team before everyone goes their separate ways.

And now, I'm pleased to announce that...

The third annual GiveGetWin Tour will kick off in October in Monterrey, Mexico and then head to Mexico City, and be USA-based after that.

Huge thanks and respect to Kai Zau and Chiara Cokieng for their great work, and thanks to all our hosts, speakers, collaborators, and administrators this year. We'll get more photos and thank-you pages up in the next couple weeks.

Carlos Miceli is joining next year's Tour as Audience Director, and we're going to be starting the planning cycle in early May. If you'd like your university/club/organization to have us next year, please send an email to me at sebastian@sebastianmarshall.com -- I'm taking a one-week vacation and I'll be getting back to my email in a week, but definitely jump into the process early if you'd like us to come by.

How to import from WordPress

On Sett

SETT supports importing all blog posts and static pages from WordPress. First you need to export all of the data from your WordPress installation as an XML. Instructions are here. Make sure to check "All Content".

To get to the importer, click the "Upload your XML Here" link at the bottom of your Blog Settings page. There you can upload your XML.

On the next screen, you'll have the option of remapping all of your images. If your images are hosted somewhere besides your domain, or if you don't have images in your blog, you can skip this section.


The WordPress importer is a work in progress. It works well for basic WordPress installations, but sometimes plugins muck up the database and present a problem we haven't dealt with before. If that happens, SETT will automatically email us your XML and create a ticket for us to figure out the problem and fix it.

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