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GiveGetWin Annual Tour III starts in October; thanks for the memories this year

Thanks for all the good memories on the Second Annual GiveGetWin Tour -- we wrapped last night in Miami. What a fantastic city for a last Tour date, it's so beautiful here... we're going to get hit the beach as a team before everyone goes their separate ways.

And now, I'm pleased to announce that...

The third annual GiveGetWin Tour will kick off in October in Monterrey, Mexico and then head to Mexico City, and be USA-based after that.

Huge thanks and respect to Kai Zau and Chiara Cokieng for their great work, and thanks to all our hosts, speakers, collaborators, and administrators this year. We'll get more photos and thank-you pages up in the next couple weeks.

Carlos Miceli is joining next year's Tour as Audience Director, and we're going to be starting the planning cycle in early May. If you'd like your university/club/organization to have us next year, please send an email to me at sebastian@sebastianmarshall.com -- I'm taking a one-week vacation and I'll be getting back to my email in a week, but definitely jump into the process early if you'd like us to come by.

Two New Bloggers on SETT!

On Tynan

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this news. As some of you may have already noticed, there are two more blogs on SETT, bringing the count to four.

As I've mentioned before, I only read about four blogs regularly. One of those is Sebastian Marshall, which is why I'm especially proud to have him switched over to SETT. After myself and DROdio, he's the third blogger to move to the platform. If you like my stuff, you'll almost certainly love his stuff, too. My very favorite article of his is this one.

Number four is my good friend, Brian Sharp with Made of Metaphors. You might recognize him from his consistently awesome community contributions and comments here. A bit of trivia-- Brian is actually the first friend I ever made. We used to both live in Massachusetts, and we became friends in preschool.

By the way, DROdio (SETT blogger #2) posted an excellent post on Sebastian's blog, and Sebastian posted an excellent post on his blog, so check those two out.

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