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Overwhelmed? 4 Steps To Business Sanity

A friend of mine is the CEO of a rapidly growing funded company. A couple weeks ago, catching up briefly on a call, he mentioned he was totally over-bandwidth. Almost drowning, even.

So we blocked out some time today, starting with the always-key question of, "What are the key actions that ensure your company's success?" Not the nice ones, not the bonuses, but which are really the make-or-break stuff?

And here's where things got interesting. As he walked me through success at his company, his "absolutely must-happen" list was about… 30 things long.

Do you know what that means?

It means his "absolutely must-happen" list is actually zero things long. In the event of an emergency, actions will be picked haphazardly and erratically, just like someone didn't have a must-do list at all.

Internal Scorecard #11 -- High Production, Shaky Habits


A little over three months ago, it occurred to me to write up some notes on what actions and production are happening on my end -- this could help readers see the real nitty-gritty of triumphs and setbacks as I put initiatives into place in organization-building, productivity, habits, results. You could also see get various recommendations on technology and processes. And it's quite good for me to stay accountable.

The experiment seems to have been a success and people really love these and look forward to them.

This is the eleventh Internal Scorecard I've published. For reasons that will become quite apparent in a moment, this is a scorecard that covers double the normal length, the two-week span from 28 July to 10 August.


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