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Email from a reader having a tough time. Ambitious, but in a rut. Here's an edited excerpt, my thoughts afterwards -

I had some thoughts as a part of trying to get myself out of a rut. The rut is from a bad combination [...] and a lack of drive and motivation. I'm not sure I can ever fully get out of it. I've been in it in some form or another for as long as I can remember. The following isn't an epiphany. Maybe the rut is something we can never escape, though some do better than others at trying. But I'll keep trying, I think. I've failed to many times in the past to be sure, but I will try. Maybe one day I'll escape it.

It goes on that way for a while - tough times, stuck in a rut, and thinking about it repeatedly. My take -

Okay, you're "ruminating" a lot. Google the term, read something about it.

There's pros and cons of ruminating. It helps you clear up whatever issues you have eventually, but makes you miserable in the process. The answer isn't to just stop ruminating, it's to get solved whatever you want solved and also cut back on ruminating at the same time.

Success Will Never Come Knocking At Your Door

On Cameron Chardukian

I just finished the toughest workout of my life. Although I’m completely spent, I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. In today’s workout I decided to stop going through the motions, and I pushed myself further than I’ve ever gone.

That’s what I want for you. I want you to do whatever it is that challenges you, and push your comfort zone more than you ever have before. You may feel exhausted afterwards, but you’ll also feel an intense sense of satisfaction unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Understand that life isn’t about minimizing the amount of effort you exert. That’s merely your biological mechanism. In reality life is about giving everything you possibly have to give so when you do decide to relax you can actually appreciate it rather than relaxation being a form of addiction.

Stop being a robot. Get off autopilot. Get out of your head, and do something that challenges you. Go on an adventure, talk to the girl of your dreams, destroy yourself in the gym. Go motherfucking crazy and channel your energy in your chosen pursuit like you never have before.

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