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Professionals: Present a confident exterior, consult with colleagues/references in private

Some good replies to the post "Conflict of Interest: On Confidence, and Confidence."

One of things that stood out to me is how a couple commenters assumed that because they're reasonable, other people should also be reasonable. I mean, if a doctor checks something carefully in a reference book in front of me, I think that's a good thing. You probably do too.

But many people don't think that way.

A lot of people have unrealistic expectations of the world, especially of professionals like doctors.

There was a brilliant comment by Kate Johnson, who is a veterinarian. Kate writes -

Four Word Answer To Any Business Question

Question from a reader -


Getting out of debt vs getting a kindle so I can always have good books handy to refer to? What would you do? One word answer will do :)


There's no one word answer to that. However, there's a four word answer -

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