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Let's see if this accountability thing works

A reader, Noah, wrote me this -


I want to conduct an Experiment on personal productivity. I believe that if I had to show/tell people what I did each day I'd be more productive. Would you mind me sending you an e-mail with the same subject line everyday (You could automatically filter it to spam if you wanted). You don't have to read or respond, but I think knowing that you COULD read them would be hugely motivating. Again, this is just an experiment so I don't know how well it will work.

Let me know your thoughts!

All the Best, Noah

Tantra Reading : The Radiance Sutras

On Imported Blog

When I was at Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree last month, i met a man named Lorin Roche. He was a scholar and meditation teacher, and had spent several years working on a beautiful, poetic, practical, and accessible version of The Vijnana Bhairava tantra. The vbt is a delightful text that outlines powerful meditation techniques that can be used both on and off the mat, and allow one to see the sacred in all phenomenon. I really enjoyed meeting him, and taking his workshop, and I really enjoy the text. In fact, I used a reading from it in the wedding I performed just recently.

Be Wildly devoted to someone, or something.Cherish every perception.At the same time, forget about control.Allow the Beloved to be itself and to change.

Passion and compassion, holding and letting go,This ache in your heart is holy.Accept it as the rise of intimacyWith life's secret ways.

Devotion is the Divine Streaming through youFrom that place in you before time.Love's energy flows through your body,Towards a body, and into eternity again.Surrender to this current of devotionAnd become one with the Body of Love.

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