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On Getting More Done - Top-down, or bottom up?

I've gotten a lot of emails lately, which has been fantastic. My email volume keeps going up.

There's one question I've gotten a few times, in a few different forms. "How do you do so much [thing]?" Reading is a common one, since I read a lot of books. Or balancing projects with working, traveling, tourism, connecting with people.

First off, I don't think I'm so good at getting stuff done. I see there's a lot more I could do. There's probably a lot better role models than me - if you can find someone who works a stimulating high powered job, competes athletically, parents, and does some philanthropy or art, that person is way ahead of me and you ought to look them up and ask them for their thoughts next time you see them.

I used to be insanely busy like that, with 3-5 things that should be a full time effort on the go at the same time. That's probably part of the secret to it right there - if you overload yourself without getting to breaking point, you'll be amazed at what you can do.

There's ripple effects when you're extremely busy. You stop screwing off and wasting time, because you can't. And other people start respecting your time more, too. If your entire calendar is open, people are flaky and whimsical and ambiguous with plans. But when you say, "My only time free for the next three weeks is this Saturday, at 8AM" - guess what? People come meet you at 8AM Saturday. Now, it'd be absurd to ask someone to commute into the city to meet you at 8AM on Saturday if you weren't busy, but if you are busy, you do it because you have to. And people respect your time.

Introducing The 30 Day Stimulation Detox

On Cameron Chardukian

I wasn’t doing too well yesterday morning. Nearly three hours after I’d woken up I’d accomplished nothing. I’d spent the first three hours of my day browsing the internet in the most unfocused way possible.

I’d see an interesting video then open up another tab, then I’d see a cool picture and open up another tab. Mind you, this wasn’t even “research” I was just bored and seeking stimulation. Three hours later, I’d finally snapped out of the low level trance I was in and felt disgusted by how I’d spent my morning.

It wasn’t the first time I’d gotten lost in the endless stimulation of the internet, but I’d made the decision that it was going to be the last. I disabled my computer’s internet, had my father put a passcode restriction on my iPod’s internet, and committed to doing work.

The result? In the remaining 11 hours of my day I’d written three blog posts, cleaned my entire closet, meditated, put in a two hour practice for juggling, eaten several meals, paid my fees for the continued use of the cameronchardukian.com domain name, edited two blog posts, edited an upcoming v-log, and freestyle rapped for half an hour.

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