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Good Comment: "Urgency"

Phaed commented on "Those Easy Days With Nothing Due…" - it was a good comment, so I thought it deserved its own post:


I had a similar day today to yours yesterday. I did still manage to get a few extraneous things done. But, as a distraction came up, I asked it are you more urgent than the other tasks on my list. Mostly, the answer was no. But a few times, the answer was yes.

Now, sometimes a short, unimportant task can be more urgent than a long, important task, because clearing yourself of it unburdens you, so is sometimes good to do immediately. But you will balance all of these things against the urgency of your top priority task.

This means, on a busy day, aka a day with many urgent important tasks, your “filler,” do it right now tasks have to be equally urgent and important. On a less busy day, not only are your main tasks less important, but the filter for which “filler” tasks you let in lowers as well.

Day 3 and what I do at the gym

On Work in Progress

Basically I am good at following specific advice than general one. For example, if someone says, 'Declutter your room', I just think it is a good idea and that I must do it. But I don't do anything about it and forget it eventually. But if someone says, take three bags with you and methodologically go over each item, stating from your cup board and put them in one of the three bags labeled: Never used, occasionally used and expensive but never used and then go ahead and throw first one, store second one in garage and sell the third one. I really take it to heart and do it and I will never forget that advice.

Similar thing happened for weight training. For years people have been giving me lot of advice, most of it was inaccurate. But even when the advice was correct it was not specific and actionable. Then I stumbled on to nerdfitness.com.

Steve Kamb, who runs this blog, gives very specific, actionable and accurate advice. So I just follow him blindly. Even if 10% of his advice is inaccurate(which it is not) that will not hinder my progress because I am actually executing the other 90% instead of procrastinating.

Regarding weight training he tells us that we should select few compound exercises, do them for 45 mins every alternate day. The exercises being : Squats, Pull ups, Dead lifts, Push ups, Dips, Bench Press, Overhead press and Plank. He also asks us to avoid machines.

So I follow it religiously, every alternate day :

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