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Feeling Better vs. Doing Better

My awareness is getting better. Last night, I'd been working in a restaurant near Sukhabatar Square until it closed at midnight. Walking home, I was about to pass through a group of three guys when suddenly this flash of danger kicked in. WarningWarningWarning!!!

I stopped, turned on my heel, and walked in a broad circle around them. One of the guys looked at me. I looked back briefly, but then kept moving.

I'm keeping an eye on these guys because they're kind of sort of in my way in the direction I'm going. I can circle around because I'm at the broad part of the walkway past Sukhabar, so there's two paths. But they're still near me.

As I'm watching, a random passerby walks through the three tough dudes. One of them grabs the passerby by the arm, and starts to try totally hold him. The passerby yells, shouts, shoves, pushes, shakes, and is able to get away and run off towards the night.

My awareness is getting better.

Good Times In Charlotte, NC

On Where Pianos Roam

I am now back in Nashville after spending an extended weekend in Charlotte, NC. On Saturday, September 19, I performed at Manifest Discs.  (Click on the image above to visit their website) Hopefully I can get my hands on photos from that show.  It was a small set on the Manifest main stage on which I got to debut new song arrangements  and to perform with my new drum machine and my awesome keyboard synthesizer. Here was the setlist: 1.  Mr. Stranger 2.  Arabesque 3.  Tears In Savannah 4.  Billy Jean (Cover) 5.  Torrid 6.  Never Is a Promise The entire set went very smoothly.  There were no technical glitches on my part.  Due to some scheduling problems, the sound guy was not there.  A team of Manifest employees got together and made it all work in the end.  I had a great time. Afterwards, my friends Chris and Eddie took me to eat at this awesome burger joint at Southpark Mall called The Counter.  It is a restaurant where you can custom-build your own burger with your choice of ingredients.  I can honestly say that it is one of the BEST burgers I have ever had.  You can check out their official website here: I highly recommend grabbing a meal at this place.  The service was great, and I also really loved their sweet potato fries.  So Yummy!! I spent the rest of the night wandering through the jewel-encrusted walls of Southpark Mall.  With high-end retailers like Burberry, Nordstroms, and Anthropologie, it is the premiere shopping center for the rich folk in the greater Charlotte area. On Sunday, my friend Darrell took me to the newly built Ikea store in north Charlotte.  OMG!!!  I had the best time.  The place is HUGE and felt like walking through any show on HGTV. If you are a fan of modern home furnishings and design, then this place is for you.  There were fantastic light fixtures, rugs, kitchen fixtures, sinks, comforters .  .  . anything and everything you would need to make your home look AMAZING.   We even grabbed a snack in their little cafe/restaurant where you can get a plate of their signature Swedish meatballs for less than $2.   Needless to say, if you haven't been there before, you'll need at least two hours of time to get through the place.  There is a TON of stuff to feast your eyes upon. Thankfully, I was also able to spend time with three dear friends who I hadn't been able to see since leaving Charlotte for good back in 2006.  I exchanged stories of adventure and new beginnings over some delicious meals. On the way to and from Charlotte, I stopped in Asheville, NC to visit my friend Wes and his glorious garden.  He cooked up tasty meals, and we got caught up with each other.  I am blessed to have some awesome friends in my life. On Sunday night, I visited my old church (New Life MCC) and caught up with some good friends. Unfortunately, my camera was acting weird, and so I do not have photos to document the weekend. In any case, I am back now and back to my regular schedule.  There will be more blogs, more projects, and some new things to come. I hope all of you are doing well. -gordon

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