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Sleeping Less Than Eight Hours Per Night?

Got a good question from a reader about sleep. One of my goals is to sleep less than 8 hours/night

Hello, and thanks for inviting your blog visitors to email you directly. I just came across your site today, and got some good reading out of your "top stories" list. What compelled me to write, though, was a trend I noticed on some of your "goals" posts: sleeping less than 8 hours per night.

It caught my attention, because at first glance it looks counter-intuitive. Yet I understand exactly what you mean.

Cut. Return to monologue later. Get to the askin':

How is it working out for you?

Mock English Results!!

On My Life - Bit by bit.

So today I sit here writing this blog, relatively pleased with myself. And there is a very good reason for this ecstatic mood. Today, we (my English class) received our mock paper results which we did back in march. I was relatively anxious and nervous about receiving these results, as when we did the first mock back in November I struggled to even get a D. (Terrible, I know). Nevertheless, I walked into English fairly optimistic, attempting to avoid thinking about how I was going to react if I got another D. Anyway, we walked into the lesson and our teacher rambled on for the 100th time about exams and our coursework and how important it all was. Our coursework was supposed to have been sent to the board during the Easter break, but our teacher forgot to get us to sign our coursework declaring that the work was our own, so he couldn't send it (What a douche)!!

After about half-an-hour of this rambling on he got onto the mock results and explained that some people had done really well, and some people had done really badly. Now, naturally I thought I must be one of the people who had done the exam extremely poorly. I got a D in the mock before for crying out loud! I mean, it isn't as if you can go from awful to brilliant in the matter of 6 months, right? I was handed my results and saw that I got "58" whatever that's supposed to mean. (I swear English has the most complex grading system known to man). So anyway, I still didn't really know whether I'd done well or not. I could see my friends and everyone around me was getting lower marks, but did they just do really rubbish, or had I actually done relatively well?

Our teacher then read out the grade boundaries and I could swear he said "Grade boundary for A: 52". I stopped for a second, and was quite glad someone asked him to read the grade boundaries again, just so I could check my ears weren't deceiving me. Once again he read "Grade boundary for A:52". I now knew I had an A, and at that moment all of the anxiety and worry about English lifted. What made me even happier was that the grade boundary for an A* was 60. Me. Who got a D in my first mock, am now 2 marks away from an A*.

The thing that worried me most though, was that I knew my coursework was an A. But I knew that for the first exam, and look how that went!! The good thing about all this, is that I can finally stop fretting about English and put 80% of my time and effort into maths. Maths is now my main priority. I'm not bad at maths (I got 14 marks off an A in the mock). But I'd rather I got an A in both English and Maths this year. How awesome would that be?! No English or maths next year! Of course, I mustn't get cocky or complacent, but I can now sleep (and study) slightly easier, knowing that my results are looking up, and that an A in both subjects (especially English) Is becoming a very real possibility.

That brings me to the end of this blog, so until next time, catch you later!

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