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Chase Meaning, Not Happiness

I see such an obsession with happiness these days. It's sad.

There's different sorts of happiness, but the one people seem after the most is the lowest, saddest form of happiness - a pleasurable mix of biochemicals.

Do you know how cocaine works? It's what's known as a triple-reuptake inhibitor. It makes some of the happiness chemicals - serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine - cycle out of your brain more slowly, giving you wonderful feelings.

And - so what? You've got more happiness chemicals in your brain so you bliss out? How could anyone in their right mind think this is the meaning of life?

I try to do things that I find meaningful, ideally on the largest scale I can. I'm not there yet, but I'm trying. I still need to get stronger in other areas, get more disciplined. But I'm working on it.

Nurture yourself

On Aphrodisiac Life

There probably is no excuse as common as “I didn´t have time” or, “I´m always busy”. Today´s lifestyle (to call it some way because I really don´t believe it deserves that name) has got us running at every single second, pushing us to follow deadlines in a non-stop competition that often lacks sense. What I mean is, we stress ourselves and let various aspects ruin our happiness when in reality they are not really that essential. Remember the work that got you a very low score at school when you were younger? Yeah, me neither… The reason is that even when back then it seemed so important to present it, it is not exactly an essential piece of your life. At work the same thing happens.

Usually, when we work, we do everything that seems to be mandatory by our company, requested by our boss or part of “designed” routine we should follow to be successful in what we do (our job), but have you ever taken the time to wonder if it really is essential? Take some time today, or even better for the week, to think about all you do. Maybe calling a certain client every single week to see if he will buy your product when he´s said no multiple times is not exactly the wisest and most productive decision, neither is it worrying yet of a task that will come handy in a week or two when you still don´t have clarity about your arguments for tomorrow´s meeting. The trick is taking one day at a time; if you do, you will only worry about the things that are for tomorrow and if time is enough, you might either do something for beautiful self or get ahead on your schedule for the week. Think of it this way, not every single human on earth works at the same speed, some are very fast while some take their time at completing certain tasks. I do not, by any means pretend to encourage you to not do a thing and argue that you are a “slow working human” (that will most likely get you fired) instead do things at your own pace and don´t stress over something just because you could not complete it; odds are that no matter how good you do, people will always expect more of you. This is important because, although everyone might expect something from you, the only real person who MUST be satisfied by what you do is yourself. If you are happy, the rest is just a bonus. So now, back to the beginning. You do have time, you just use it unwisely. Take that brain of yours and use it for what it Works best; think!

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