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Fixed Downside, High Upside Thinking

Today I'd like to introduce you to Venkat Rao. He writes Ribbonfarm, and he's mastered the difficult challenge of writing smart, novel, entertaining, eloquent, controversial, and accessible content - at the same time. Most people can't do this.

Venkat wrote an excellent reply on Quora to the question, "Is it hard to build, market and maintain a web app that makes at least $1000 a month?" Quora's TOS actually allows you to republish things in full with attribution (and some other requirements), and I thought this would be an excellent introduction to Venkat for you.

This whole reply is brilliant. He's got the orders of magnitude on money, time, and requirements basically dead-on. Extraordinarily impressive read here -

"Is it hard to build, market and maintain a web app that makes at least $1000 a month?"

This is a very interesting question, and the responses are very revealing. It is instantly clear who knows what they are talking about.

How change happens

On Linus Rylander

"It just happened. Just like that. You know, one day I just had enough. No more! I haven't smoked a cigarette since then. That was three years ago."

Yeah, well, except it didn't happen just like that.

Here's how I think change really happens... and it's the same pattern that occurs all across the universe when anything new happens:

An idea is had. A heretic thought. Some inkling, some hint that maybe everything isn't as you thought it were.

It looks harmless at first. It's just an acorn of an idea. An acorn that will grow into a majestic oak that tears through concrete foundations.

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