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Nine Tips for Getting Started With Time Tracking

A very good guest post by Matt Mazur - if you enjoy this (and I think you will), then you can find his blog at mattmazur.com. He currently runs two business apps: Preceden.com, a tool for making timelines, and jMockups, a high fidelity web design tool. Here's Matt -

Nine Tips for Getting Started with Life Tracking

Inspired by Sebastian’s posts about the benefits of life tracking, I decided to try it for myself. After several false starts, I’ve now been doing it for almost two months straight and have had some great results. In this post I’ll explain how my current tracking system works and I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

How it Works

Every Sunday morning I print an eight page document that I use throughout the week to track various aspects of my life. The first page is an overview, which I will fill out at the end of the week to summarize my results. The remaining seven pages are devoted to each day of the week.

My Assault on Art - Part One

On How Long Does It Take To Learn How to Draw?

So here's my deal. I have reached the age of 35 and have decided that professionally speaking I'm rather unremarkable, being what is most commonly referred to as an under achiever.

Don't think me too depressing though, I don't mean by any means that I am a loser! No way, I have a great wife and kids, fantastic friends and a myriad of personal interests that keep me going but as far as my skills in almost anything are concerned, they're not that great.

Sure I'm ok at writing, I'm ok at drawing the odd cartoon, I'm ok at music and all that sort of stuff but something internal, something damaged has always stopped me from becoming absurdly brilliant at any of the above!

This is my attempt, or at least one of my attempts, to rectify that. I have quite a few saucers spinning on the end of poles as I type, but this particular blog will focus on my desire to learn how to draw.

I have always marvelled over artists and their incredible ability to recreate images. Whenever I try it usually ends in insanity, tears and chocolate. I have always wanted to learn but have either never really believed that I could or chose to watch TV rather than actually give it a go.

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