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Having Your Own Ethics is Lonely

Stefanie Zobus just wrote up "Be Yourself (Or, on things "good" and "bad")." It's a nice post. She talks about the underlying philosophy of Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil," which is really a remarkable work.

Stefanie advocates you make your own ethics and beliefs, because good and evil are just defined by consensus.

Things people usually consider “good” or “bad” are determined by consensus. In different cultures or contexts those are different, too; heck, even within one. However, just because a number of people agree on something doesn’t make it right. How about being sane in an insane world? Foucault wrote something nice about that in his “Madness and Civilization.” Besides, some centuries ago everyone thought water was the cause of diseases and sought to avoid it as much as possible, while in fact the opposite is the case. Water was seen as “bad.”

Who is to say that to pursue this or that is “good” or “bad”? I don’t think anything can be said to be “good” or “bad” in the absolute sense. I come to despise those terms. They make people do things they do not want to do, be who they do not want to be just because something is considered “good” or “bad” in their environment or among their peers. The terms manipulate people on reasons that lack or are not spelled out. “Good” and “bad” are stand-in reasons without real content people give when they don’t have real ones. They are tags that hide what’s really behind things.

I responded in comment on her site -

2NE1 ​LONELY LYRICS (Hangul Romanization and English Translation)

On The Slimy Turtle

"Lonely" is the second single by 2NE1 from their 2011 extended play, 2NE1. The song was written and produced by Teddy Park. The music video for "Lonely" was filmed April 27, 2011, directed by Han Samin, who also directed the music video for Big Bang's, "Love Song".

2NE1 - LONELY Official Music Video

English Translation

[CL]I know that you're gonna hate me

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