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What Separates a Generalist and a Dabbler?

Kind of a speculative entry today, I don't have a complete answer. I've been trying to crack this nut for a while -

What's the difference between a generalist and a dabbler?

Rather, what separates a generalist from a dabbler?

They're very similar. Both dive into a wide variety of things and affairs. Both pick up new skills regularly, sometimes at the expense of the highest level of mastery in a specialized field.

But we all know people who dabble in this, do a little of that, and never make any contributions. And then, on the other hand, you've got people like Thomas Jefferson and Leonardo da Vinci, who did excellent work in a variety of fields.

Producing Marketing Content

On Gorilla Tactics

So lately I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve gotten apretty good handle on this “coding stuff”. I've been doing OOP for about four years now, and I've got a really, really solid handle on it. But one area I still really need to work on is in mycommunity outreach, marketing, whatever you want to call it.

A lot of developers create a personal marketing story bywriting blog posts or explaining features in their games and/or writinghow-to’s for other developers. Some devs write about games from a higherperspective: they talk about what games are, what they should be, what they aretrying to tell us, or how to develop them better. What I’ve been strugglingwith for the last few days was, which of these activities is real match for me?Not just me, but my audience.  I’m a kindof light hearted guy, and the idea of sitting down to write in-depth, detailedaccounts of how systems work and stuff… man, it just sounds boring. I know somefolks like that, but it’s not my cup of tea. So what IS my flavor of teadammit!? Well, my father gave me an idea that I ended up taking to a usableconclusion that I’m going to test out over the next several months. Developmentstories from the perspective of characters within the game.

Whenever I want to convey something to my audience – a newfeature, a bug fix, etc., I do it through the vehicle of the characters withinmy game. Maybe the Head of the Royal Engineering Corp. publishes a memo to allEngineers about how the Royal Treasurer has been building his forts near chasmslately, that ass, and so bridges will be necessary to navigate the steepterrain – materials to be found in the kennel due to lack of storage space –watch out for the dog in the third pen to the left. This is really beneficialbecause…

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