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What Separates a Generalist and a Dabbler?

Kind of a speculative entry today, I don't have a complete answer. I've been trying to crack this nut for a while -

What's the difference between a generalist and a dabbler?

Rather, what separates a generalist from a dabbler?

They're very similar. Both dive into a wide variety of things and affairs. Both pick up new skills regularly, sometimes at the expense of the highest level of mastery in a specialized field.

But we all know people who dabble in this, do a little of that, and never make any contributions. And then, on the other hand, you've got people like Thomas Jefferson and Leonardo da Vinci, who did excellent work in a variety of fields.

Be Willing To Fail

On Cameron Chardukian

We’ve all had a time in our lives when we knew what the right thing to do was, but for whatever reason were just unable to make ourselves do it. If you can relate to this experience, this post is for you.

A large contributing factor to the success of any endeavor is the willingness to repeatedly fail. It’s impossible to produce remarkable results without failing. If it was possible everyone would be doing it, and thus it wouldn’t be remarkable.

The problem most people have with failing, however, is that when they fail they see themselves as failures. That’s wrong. The only person who is a failure is the one unwilling to fail in the first place.

Theory Versus Practice

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