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How To Become A Faster Decisionmaker

Very good question from a reader -

Hi Sebastian,

Reading one of your latest blog posts you mentioned that you used to be extremely slow at making decisions. I was wondering if you have any advice on that. I usually have trouble making decisions when there is no clear pro's or con's to a certain choice. For example I'm not sure which programming language to use for my next (web) project.

Does it matter? No. All you need to do is output HTML, JSON or whatever data format you need it in. Python/Ruby have major sites written with them. I'm comfortable using both and don't really have a preference.

Somewhat frustrating that this holds me back when I could have built a prototype in the time I'm searching for "the right answer".

Career - P is for Presenter


Laura Delaney is a Presenter and Entertainment Journalist for RTÉ TEN. We caught up with her on her day job and career highlights...Bradley Cooper. Need we say more?

Who have you been most excited to interview?

It has to be the one and only Mr. Bradley Cooper. I’ve always been a huge fan of his. He’s an incredibly gifted and talented actor (and he’s not bad to look at either). From his hilarious performance in The Hangover to his Oscar-worthy nomination for Silver Linings Playbook, he’s always knocked whatever role he’s played out of the ballpark. Colin Farrell was also up there as one of my favourite interviews. He’s the full package – cool, intelligent, charming and above all he’s a terrific actor.

Do you get nervous before you go on air?

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