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Which Martial Art to Study? -- More Feedback/Answers

Two days ago I posted, "Which martial art to study?" - a reader asked me which I'd recommend. I shared my experience, but also reached out to the crowd here since I know we've got some martial artists who stop by.

Some fantastic replies.

Julio wrote:

I would tend to agree with Sebastian, it depends more on the teacher and your connection with him or her than the actual art, though some arts will be easier than others to master (depending on your body type).

There are only a few things I would add. First, Systema is not only an amazing fighting art, but actually can teach you how to be calmer. There are no forms or formal meditation or exercises, but the way it is taught and its focus on introspection achieves a lot of the same things. I have many years of kung fu and meditation experience and can tell you that it can give you amazing access to these spaces in a very short amount of time.

A Fat Brain is a Happy Brain: Society and Attraction

On The Geek Speak

I believe intelligence is something we need as a species to move forward. Many inventions are discovered by accident, but the person making the mistake needs enough knowledge to realize what the possibilities are to move past it.

Did intelligence ever trump every other quality? That is the question of the day.

I really feel the brain needs constant exercise to keep healthy. We as individuals need to feed our brain to gain a better understanding of everything around us.

With the society we have today, every media outlet promotes the airbrushed look. It’s unrealistic and it’s giving many people a negative outlook on who they are and what they should be. So many people focus on the physical appearance more often than feeding their brain.

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