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Comment: "The Last Blow to Human Hegemony"

Two great comments on "Having Your Own Ethics is Lonely." First is by Roy, thought-provoking, and also, I laughed a lot at how his final sentence wraps it all up:

Hello. Your comment to Stefanie about creating your own set of values and ethic being lonely, look pretty much like the concept of the Ubermensch from Nietzsche. So I'll say that anyone following this path is on the right path to the next level of human development. And I'll go farther on this. I think that Nietzche closed the loop on human nature. Copernicus discovered that we were not the center of the world which was a blow to human hegemony. Then came Darwin stating that human was not special and we are just another can of animal. This was a second blow on human hegemony. Then came Freud stating that human is not even the master of his thoughts and impulses. Which was yet just another blow to human hegemony. And to finalize it all. Here comes Nietzche stating that there is not a single system of ethics that bind us all. No human system and certainly not heavenly system of ethic stands. Which to me is the last blow on human hegemony.

Have a nice day.

Then Ryan replies -

I disagree somewhat with Roy's comment. Humans are special, what separates us from other animals is the ability to reason. Its true that we posess animal instincts like all creatures on this planet, and so by nature, man is corrupt. I believe there are ethics that bind all people, like the persute of being happy through the possession of freedom, wich requires discipline over ones own actions, wich requires some form of ethical standards. Just because you think it, does not mean you must do it. If you have no disapline, you become a slave to others, like too much debt for instance, you feel the shame of failure when the bill arrives. But do you work to solve it, or make it worse? The point is that we all fail some time or another, but its how you deal with your failures that can make you a good or bad person.

The Mindset of a Dreamer

On The Mindset

The first thing that is on your mind when you wake up in the morning. The last thing that is on your mind as you go to sleep. The irresistible feeling of self-determination you get when you get off course. The sensational movement you feel when you are that much closer to accomplishing *it*.

That is what I would like to call “The Mind-Set of a Dreamer”.

If you were to take a long look at our current society and the people that make up this society you will immediately come to the shocking realization that Dreamers are Scarce. No one is willing to take a leap of faith anymore, visions have become eviscerated, and having a purpose has become over rated. Everywhere you go you can see what I described in the above lines as being carried out as the norm. In fact some of you who are reading this right now are currently doing exactly as I described in the above lines. As you’re reading this you are in doubt about the success of this blog or quite frankly the success of its author simply because you haven’t fully been able to grasp the concept of a dream. Long before I first began writing the first sentence of this blog I had to come to grip with what my dream was. And while I won’t fully disclose the details of my dream I will tell you that I have every intention at the end of this blog helping someone else realize their dream.

Why are Dreamers so important? Good question…keep them coming. Dreamers are important because they create the future. How do I know this is true? Look at some of the Dreamers who have graced our presence in the last century. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Billy Graham, Our past Presidents, the list goes on and on. These dreamers range from athletes to politicians, to entrepreneurs, civil rights activists and evangelists and of course there are more. All of these people have help create a future in their prospective fields and they serve as example of things that can be accomplished when you dream. I am going to spend the remaining few paragraphs describing what I learned from these Dreamers and how we can all have “The mindset of a dreamer”.

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