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Jason Shen on Being Quoted

Jason Shen and I have swapped a few emails, very smart and cool guy (and excellent photographer, too). Here's his feedback on "What’s reading yourself getting quoted like? Strange. Very strange." -

Liked the post on being quoted - and you'd better get used to it - it's going to keep happening to you. There are 3 ways that any work is interpreted - the way the artist intended, the way it is received by his/her audience, and the way history reflects upon it's impact. You only have control over the first.

I think that's dead on accurate, and a great way of putting it.

Getting quoted out of context or misquoted seems to bother people a lot more than normal forms of criticism... I've been thinking about this lately, and I reckon it's partially because we all want to be understood. The problem is, the more novel, new, interesting, and important your ideas are - then the less likely they are to be understood right away. And as Jason says, most of that's outside of your control.

Jason's site is here - http://www.jasonshen.com/ - I recommend it.

The nights

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one dark night in kalimpong,when the electricity failed

and the candle flickered,i wrote:

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