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My approach to business

I've now gotten somewhere between 100 and 150 people who have written to me who are really extremely talented and good. I'm going to go through everyone's info today and over the weekend.

I wanted to show my current views on business and how I go about it, what I stand for, etc. If you're just a casual reader of the site, the second video is probably the most interesting. #1 starts slow, gets going around the 4 minute mark about how we got here from there.

Audio/video quality is so-so, just grabbed a quick camera at the store and did it fast, but you should get the idea. I'm going to send this out to everyone who wanted to work with me, and I'll be in touch over the next 2-3 days.

Video 1: "A Shift"

The Center Tent

The center tent in the camp - the Commander's Tent - is often the largest, most spacious, most well-guarded, and the center of attention.

A lot of people see that, and want it.

They say, "I want the largest tent."

They say, "I want the most spacious tent."

They say, "I want the most security."

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