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The Genius and Tragedy of Patrick McKenzie

I. This post outlines Patrick McKenzie - a brilliant technologist and entrepreneur - how he's done such amazing things and learned so much, and why he's getting drastically underpaid and how it's his own fault. This post will be most valuable for technologists who underestimate themselves and undervalue themselves.

II. Hacker News is the best tech community on the internet, and patio11 - Patrick McKenzie - is the best contributor there. I don't even think that's controversial, I think it would be near universally agreed by the HN crowd that Patrick has made as many or more important contributions as anyone.

If you're from Hacker News, you know Patrick already. But for my readers that don't know him, let me give you a quick overview.

III. Patrick is a multi-faceted genius, and I don't throw the word genius around casually.

Patrick McKenzie is many things - he's an expatriate to Japan, he's a talented coder, tester, metrics/split-testing/analytics user, a great writer, extremely modest and helpful. He can recruit people, evaluate talent, and manage people well. He understands ROI very well and is good at purchasing advertising. He's good at customer service. Outsourcing. Automation. Coding. Ecommerce.

Latest HR Practices in Manufecturing Industry

On Insight HR and Training Consultants

The Scope of HRD is to develop i,e. to increase effectiveness and potential of the individual, employees, roles, teams, inter-terms, and the organizations. Relevant HRD processes, help in enhancing effectiveness of these human units. However, it is necessary to have a formal and systematic way of achieving this. Such formal way of developing human resources is the HRD system. HRD system can be broken down into sub-systems. An integrated combination of all these sub-systems is the HRD system. We describe below the main HRD sub-systems.

1) Performance Management System :

Performance Appraisal (PA) system are widely used in the Indian organization. More recently these have been renamed as Performance Management (PM) Systems. The main difference between them is their respective emphasis and spirit, PA emphasizing more the appraisal aspect, while PM’s stress being on performance improvement. Performance Management required the competency mapping of the various important jobs, identifying competency required for effective performance on the jobs.

In both systems performance coaching or counseling has an important place. Indian organization have paid more attention or performance appraisal. However, in many cases in the absence of performance coaching performance appraisal or management system becomes a ritual. Larsen and Toubro, State Bank of India (SBI), and Crompton-Greaves were amongst the fist companies to adopt a systematic performance coaching. 2) Career System :

Career systems are concerned with the advancement of the individual employees in their careers in the organization. The first step is taken by introducing career development plans so that employees joining at an any point are helped t go through various experiences which may help them to move up in the organization and may give them opportunities to prove themselves capable of taking up higher responsibilities. For example, ITC prepares a career development plan for each employee within the framework of the organization’s business plans. The first input is a “base plan” under which each unit prepares a checklist of minimum common inputs that should be made available to each executive in the first ten years (approximately) of his growth, from induction through secondments, and specialized programmes to general development programmes and interpersonal effectiveness labs. Career planning is concernedWith charting career paths for the individual employees who have spent enough time in the organization, and have proved their competence. Succession planning is a part of this type of career planning. One of the most successful succession planning systems is in Hindustan Lever, where succession plans are prepared for all key roles several years in advance.

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