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Damn Inbox - I'm Not Doing Anything Else Until It's Empty

It's 2:57PM local time in Saigon. I have some tea, some fruit, and I am in a comfortable spot. I will not leave this room until my inbox is empty.

I always keep it pretty low, but I got ~20,000 visitors over the last few weeks. Even answering more than half the email I was getting each day, my inbox is now built up to a staggering 73 messages, many of which require 5-10 minutes or more to process. (If they average 5 minutes each, I'll be here for the next six hours.)

I keep meaning to do this, but slagging it off. Hence, I make a public commitment. Burning the boats, as it were.

My general plan -

1. I have some Google Alerts built up - some of them got pretty long with links. I try to reach out to people to say thanks and hi and see who is linking here, so I've let these stack up. The first thing I'll do is copy them all down into another document, and then I can contact later or not.



now i'm back to teLL my trip to bromo,, weLL.. in fact i've been to bromo for 3 times yet i never get bored,, am stiLL amazed at how stunning it is.. bromo is Located in north of maLang,, the voLcano itseLf is in proboLinggo to be exact.. bromo is an active voLcano,, yes it is.. aLthough it may seem not so threatening but it is,,

renting a car from maLang, i went up to proboLinggo uphiLL&downhiLL.. the sky was getting darker,, moreover the air was getting even coLder as i got higher.. i arrived at dawn and it was freezing coLd,, you're gonna need a heLL of warm cLothes, jacket, and gLoves if you pLan to go to bromo.. though there're gonna be bapak2 yg juaLan di sana but better prepare so you don't have to spend on things you shouLdn't have to,,

i decided to hike through the pananjakan to see the sunrise up there,, i've seen the sunrise before in pananjakan.. and to get there you must wake up at around 3 and then you either hike or rent a jeep which cost you 600ribu vice versa or an ojek,, if you're without any preparation of warm cLothes, i wouLd definiteLy recommend you to rent a motorbike or share jeep with other tourist aLthough it may cost more..

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