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Jason Shen On GiveGetWin, And 10 Strategies on Effective Behavior Change in ~10 Minutes

My buddy Jason Shen is offering a class on willpower for GiveGetWin. If you're new around here and haven't seen it before, GGW is an opportunity for people who have effective products, services, and skills to share them with you at an extremely reasonable cost, with all proceeds going to charity.

You give, you get, you win.

Jason's an outstanding guy who has great success in a number of different fields -- competitive athletics, tech entrepreneurship, writing, and just living an incredibly interesting life.

Here's a cool video explaining his take on willpower:

Don't Communicate Helplessness, Especially If You Feel Helpless

On The Best of Sett

Okay, I've almost got all my email inboxes almost empty now.

I get a ton of mail. I hired an assistant and automated some of it, and I still get a ton of mail. More than I can answer normally.

I'm gradually building more systems, both technology, decisionmaking, and people to process all of this, because I have opportunities worth a lot of cash, a lot of cool stuff, and a lot of ability to connect with interesting people sitting in my inbox. At any given time, there's probably 3-4 very interesting things buried in the dozens of mails I get.

And I also get a kick out of helping people. I like getting and answering questions when I can.

But then I realized, one particular type of questioning makes me cringe, and I dont want to write back to people that write like that.

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