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The Million Dollar Question

August 11th, 2011. Chiba, Japan.

A mix of confusion and awe as I step off the platform.

I must have made a mistake. But maybe a good mistake.

Birds caw and cicadas click gently, filling the warm afternoon air with sounds of nature. The train platform is open to the air and on the other side of the tracks is a high fence. Beyond it, a bicycle and walking path leading to a park.

Children are running around and playing in the park, but surprisingly quietly. Very Japanese.

Idea Velocity + Project Momentum

On Linus Rylander

You frequently hear that one common trait among successful entrepreneurs is "speed of implementation." Meaning how fast they can go from getting an idea... to getting something done in the real world.

Obviously, one reason taking action quickly is important is that it gets stuff done faster. It allows you to fail faster, learn faster, re-iterate and try something new faster. Most people who are not successful aren’t successful not because they don’t try hard enough, but because they haven’t tried enough things.

Aside from that though, I think another factor is what I just coined ‘Idea Velocity.’

We just came up with a new business idea a few days ago, and now the challenge is in getting something shipped as fast as we can.

There’s energy in the idea. That excitement... the fire that excitement that awakens within you when you can taste opportunity.

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