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Things Go Wrong. I Recommend You Plan For It.

Hey Sebastian

I hope your travels are going well. My time tracking has been going great. I added a whole ton of stuff as well as a journal. I'm trying really hard to track my energy levels and figure out how to increase that since it is pretty much the deciding factor in how much I can get done. The whole process has really been helping me out. Just the fact that I know I am writing each block of time down makes me want to use it in a way I would be proud of.

I could use a bit of advice though. The whole system seems to break down whenever, i am busy especially if it involves running around of place to place. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

Great questions here. Well first, congrats on getting onto time tracking, it's one of those things that's potentially life changing. I've gotten huge mileage out of it.

But yes, this is something I've realized lately - probably the #1 way people get off-track in their habits is by having some sort of hard time happen. Stress, illness, being overwhelmingly busy, something like that.

Notes on Alexis Ohanian's Townhall Interview

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

“You should call it 360scope. And get rid of the little bug guy” was PG’s advice to reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. “But reddit turned out to be a great name, and ‘the little bug guy’ has turned into one of the most important parts of the reddit community.”

“Sometimes your investors know best. Sometimes they don’t. Even Paul Graham is wrong sometimes.”

[caption id="attachment_220" align="alignleft" width="300"] Todd Bishop and Alexis Ohanian[/caption]

Alexis is on a 175 stop tour for his new book, Without Their Permission. On Monday night he stopped by Seattle’s Town Hall to be interviewed by Geekwire’s Todd Bishop. Topics ranged from the silly - alternative names for reddit (Ooglyaboo) and his favorite Star Trek captain (Picard, no hesitation) - to the more serious topics of his book - entrepreneurship and politics.

The thesis of Without Their Permission is that the Internet enables people to be fully in control of their destiny. You don’t need permission from a movie producer to decide if your film gets created or not. You don’t need a publisher to release a book. You don’t even need a travel agent to book your flight anymore.

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