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Get your gasoline boots on - we're going for a walk

You new here? 28,000 came by yesterday and today to read “We don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day.”

28,000. God that's a big number. What a headtrip.

So, the regulars here know what's going, but if you're new... then cool, welcome. Here, let's fix you a strong coffee and I'll show you around.

An Unapologetically Pro-Victory Place to Hang

I think the majority of the world is basically hostile to ambition and wealth and achievement.

Black Ribbon

On Motus Vita

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. -- Bill Withers

The highway stretches out in front of me, a black ribbon winding into the future; a collapsing probability of possibility connecting me with the past and through it to the future.

Music streams from my radio, a carrier wave connecting me with myself in the futures I head toward. My twenty-five year old self hurtling home from a party, a jamming party.

One filled with beautiful honies, hot, sweaty, bodacious women of all shapes, sizes and colors; from an elegant ivory to a Nubian black, each smiling, tempting, thrilling me. Even me, an ordinary Brother, just happy to be invited.

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