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Desperation + Purpose

I see a lot of literature and a lot of history about people making desperate efforts and massively succeeding.

I started thinking, "Why does that kind of desperate effort work sometimes, while other times desperate people just remain... desperate?"

I think I figured it out.

The formula is: Desperation + Purpose

You can make a desperate, full out effort towards a clear goal or cause and you'll likely succeed.

The Dastardly Seeming Permanence of Mental States

Be skeptical, please. This realization was somewhat shocking to me if it's true, or even partly true.

So. A large amount of my reading of the last month has focused on organization, execution, time management, planning, maxing out effectiveness, and so on. But I started to find something -- the threshold of gains from "theoretical planning" and "theoretical organizing" starts to fall off entirely after a few weeks of it. You 80/20 things and make plans to the best of your knowledge, giving it an hour or so per day, and a long session here and there.

And then after that, there's not much gain to be had from it, and execution takes over...

...or does it?

Well, it does. But just like "theoretical planning," you could also say there's "theoretical execution."

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