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Desperation + Purpose

I see a lot of literature and a lot of history about people making desperate efforts and massively succeeding.

I started thinking, "Why does that kind of desperate effort work sometimes, while other times desperate people just remain... desperate?"

I think I figured it out.

The formula is: Desperation + Purpose

You can make a desperate, full out effort towards a clear goal or cause and you'll likely succeed.

A Perspective of the Universe

On The Scarlet Sheep

I love the argument made by anyone about we know the universe. Luckily, there are people who are non-inclusive in this bold statement. The odd phenomenon of this decision to "know" is a hilarity in a backed up view. We know more about the moon than the bottom of our own oceans. We still don't know every single inner working of the body down to the last cell. Therefore I can conclude socially with firmness (because I "know") that you or I know just about as much as the next guy on how to perceive the universe. Diversity in thought process not just due to experiences, but natural instinct can radically change what you think is going on for you or others personally along with you as a piece of the web we call the universe.

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