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The Iron Temple

The body is called a temple? It's said sometimes, but it's not correct for everyone.

For whatever reason, children with highly developed analytical and intellectual skills in the West usually don't gravitate towards more physical, strenuous, and intense activities. There's exceptions -- plenty -- but generally speaking, people who have extreme analytical mental ability tend to neglect their physical ability.

But then the body, a supposed temple, becomes a prison for the mind, dragging its possessor down into low energy, poor moods, and various aches and ailments and pains.

No, the body isn't a temple. The real temple is a place you like to engage in activities to be active and move and have your blood move and activate your muscles and get into motion.

And to succeed at that, especially if you're very analytical, you need to get your mind involved. Whether that be a competitive sport, or a set of exercises that you work towards constant form, or whether it's a game of increasing strength of flexibility or performance... regardless of the particular details, engaging the mind and body together becomes crucial for keeping your mind free and alive.

Niccolò Machiavelli

On Machiavelli

Machiavelli has been a great influence in my life. I first came across him when I read the 48 Laws of Power, authored by Robert Greene. Greene has a very unique and distinctive style of writing, and it captivated me and has kept me interested since. Machiavelli and others in the book were not presented as evil, power-hungry figures as is the general convention, rather they were presented as clever, calculating individuals who understood human psychology and used it to their advantage.

Reading that book taught me the importance of studying and understanding human psychology. I have since focused on social psychology, which is a broader, more general understanding of masses of people. To date I have not begun exploring human psychology on an individual level, and this blog will be a collection of my thoughts with regards to that. I will also discuss politics and political philosophy in general. Also, military theory, military history, and history in general. As you can see, Greene introduced me to a world that I have since embraced fully.

This introductory post is a mere stepping stone to the other posts that I will begin writing on a weekly basis. I'll experiment with posting schedules and frequency, and settle on one that is comfortable for me.

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