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Desperation + Purpose

I see a lot of literature and a lot of history about people making desperate efforts and massively succeeding.

I started thinking, "Why does that kind of desperate effort work sometimes, while other times desperate people just remain... desperate?"

I think I figured it out.

The formula is: Desperation + Purpose

You can make a desperate, full out effort towards a clear goal or cause and you'll likely succeed.

Bao-an Temple Window

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Bao-an Temple Window, by Suprada on Flickr

Bao-an Temple Window, Bao-an temple, Taipei, Taiwan.

The prayer wheels through the window in the Bao-an temple, all shining like stars. About the temple windows from this link (pdf):

\"Temple chairman Liao Wu-zhi (廖武治) points out that the complex is divided into three major sections, with three halls lined up front to back. On either side of thefront hall stand the traditional sculptures as the saying“green dragon on the left, white tiger on the right” (左青龍、右白虎). Look closely and you’ll learn that the walls onthe temple’s left and right have windows in the shape of book scrolls. Nodded bamboo stalks made of stone standwithin the frames. Count how many stalks in each—stalksin odd numbers signify the yang (陽) element, stalks ineven numbers the yin (陰) element. You’ll find the yin/yang total in harmonious balance, as are yin/yang forces in the universe.\"

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