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Desperation + Purpose

I see a lot of literature and a lot of history about people making desperate efforts and massively succeeding.

I started thinking, "Why does that kind of desperate effort work sometimes, while other times desperate people just remain... desperate?"

I think I figured it out.

The formula is: Desperation + Purpose

You can make a desperate, full out effort towards a clear goal or cause and you'll likely succeed.

Review: The Mine by Matthew Reilly

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The Mine

Author: Matthew Reilly Year: 2001 Medium: eReader (converted from PDF; download from http://www.matthewreilly.com/resources)

The Mine is a short story by Australian action writer Matthew Reilly. It is one of many stories he has kindly made available on his website to download.

I've read a few of these before, but reading on computer screens is hard so as soon as I got my eReader I downloaded all the PDF stories and converted them. Having a set of quick, short stories seems like a really good use for an eReader.

For anyone who has read Reilly's novel Temple a lot of the story will be familiar - an archaeologist is approached by the US military to help them on a special project. They end up infiltrating an ancient temple and face traps and dangers within.

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