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Desperation + Purpose

I see a lot of literature and a lot of history about people making desperate efforts and massively succeeding.

I started thinking, "Why does that kind of desperate effort work sometimes, while other times desperate people just remain... desperate?"

I think I figured it out.

The formula is: Desperation + Purpose

You can make a desperate, full out effort towards a clear goal or cause and you'll likely succeed.

May 6: Flavorless Challenge

On Leo Habits

Read about my challenge here.

Super hungry this morning. I ended up eating raw broccoli, but that didn’t work, so I had an unflavored plant protein shake and that helped. Very tempted to eat fruit or drink Eva’s coffee with creamer.

We were out for a few hours doing errands and I didn’t plan my eating well, so I was super hungry when we got home. I had another unflavored protein shake, then some seitan. Not exciting, but it definitely fulfilled the hunger.

Later I got really hungry, so I ate more seitan, then potatoes, then flaxseed oil. Finally, I ate a carrot, and that did the trick.

This was one of my hardest days, because of the hunger. I think I have to give in to the hunger and eat one of my boring foods (or maybe a carrot) or this challenge will be too difficult for me.

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