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Arguing With Peasants Shows a Lack of Self-Discipline

I updated My Time/Habit/Life Tracking about three weeks ago. In it, I added a "Challenges" section:

——————————————- CHALLENGES: Did I start the day in my planner instead of online? Did I only check email when I was ready to write back immediately? Did I clear my active to do list before any screwing around? Did I avoid getting into arguments with idiots online? Did I only check a site once, then done with it? Did I prioritize books/good learning instead of mindless surfing? Did I avoid sugary food? ——————————————-

Note one in particular - "Did I avoid getting into arguments with idiots online?"

This can be hard to do if you're on a discussion site. But now, I think I've got a rule that covers when to discuss and get into it with people, and when not to.

The rule - no arguing with peasants.

Shortcut to the Elusive Good/Short/Fast Writing

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." - Mark Twain

Done any writing?

I was was surprised at how much easier it is to write long points than short ones.

It's easy to make any point in 4,000 words. Much harder to do it in 400.

My most recent quest is to figure out how to write good and short... reasonably quickly. This is harder than it sounds. In a short piece, every word takes on much more meaning. You can get away with 40 sloppy words in a 4,000 word piece. You can't get away with 40 sloppy words in a 400 word piece.

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