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New Policy on Discussions of Politics

I've got to be honest with you - I don't really like politics anyways. Governance, I like governance. I believe in good governance. But I don't believe in good politics - in fact, I don't even think there is such a thing as good politics. Politics can certainly be bad or stupid or destructive, but almost never good. Diplomacy can be good. Governance can be good. Politics can at best strive not to be bad, stupid, and destructive; it can't ever be good.

Yet, sometimes I'll see a discussion on some outpost of the internet that I visit, and then I might be tempted to jump in. From now on, new policy - no trying to persuade anyone of my politics. Instead, I'll look to share some historical background or references I've read or learned about that I find valuable, and let people mostly draw their own conclusions. Maybe I'll share my own views if I've already given a number of relevant examples.

But no more just trying to convince someone their politics are mistaken - it doesn't work, and besides, I don't like politics anyways. I should talk governance with people with historical examples, not politics. Governance is good. That's something I can get behind, good governance. Politics, not so much.

So i just started and yes its 00:13

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

Hey to whoever is reading this, nice to meet you guys ^0^ Well yeah its 00:13 right now but i dont particularly want to sleep, i want to start up my blog right now! Haha yeah random urges ''¬ ¬ So yeah, nice to meet you (dang it said that already ._.) its Hash here! 14 yr old chick living here in the gloriously boring city of london, born in the lil island of Sri Lanka~ how is everyone?

So whats even going to be on this blog? I dont know ._. Just my random thoughts and me trying to figure out who I am, what I am and asking for the advice or opinions of you guys~ or just randomly ranting like a mad woman XD yeah that too hehe =_=''

So thats it for the first post, 'Nice to meet ya' is the basic message! See you around guys

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