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Slow Fitness

Lots of people get out of shape, don't think about it, and then one day hit rock bottom or have a realization and go crazy to get into shape.

I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it.

I was pretty significantly injured in March (described here), and my fitness probably hit a low point in May. Now it's interesting - I actually haven't been on any sort of hardcore program since then, but I see my fitness levels improving.

I started working in movement and motion into every day. I tried to go for a walk, at least 15 minutes but ideally an hour every single day. No matter how busy you are, you could find time to do this.

I multi-task the walk. At the very least, I listen to an audiobook. This seven hours of walking time each week means I get through lots of audiobooks, which is great. I'm learning every day.

The first of many (hopefully)

On Productive Guitar.

I have started this blog, to organise my thoughts, track my progress into the unchartered waters of self-employment and to try out some guitar teaching material to see how it translates to paper as I one day aim to write a guitar teaching book.

My main aim in life is to become a fully self-employed guitar teacher. My first main goal towards achieving this is to gain 10 teaching clients. At 40% of the way there with 4 teaching clients, I have set this goal as a decided to make this milestone a point to review my financial situation and to see how many more clients it would be feasible to take on.

I would love to be able to branch out into other areas of guitar teaching such as group teaching, article writing, Skype teaching, a website, a Youtube video series and perhaps even writing my own kindle book. But these ideas will be reviewed at the first milestone to judge the timescale that would involve completing all of these goals.

I have spent many years trying to achieve this goal, but after gaining confidence in my playing ability due to performing in a wedding band for over a year and leaving my mundane day job. I feel like I finally have the time, resources, commitment, knowledge professionalism to achieve this goal.

I am spurred on by the fact that i may have been trying to achieve this goal for the last 5 years. Yet, in the last month I have made 40% of the progress required to achieve my first milestone. And 20% of the progress to better my financial situation of my previous full time 42.5 hour a week job, for half of the hours.

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