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Boredom. Glorious, Glorious Boredom

Dive deep into the annals of history. Open the biographies of great statesmen, inventors, industrialists, artists, and leaders.

Trends emerge.

Is it our strengths that make us?

I think -- not.

Strengths are common. And too often, strengths produce not very much success.


On Charlie Brown

Im tired sometimes of doing routinary stuff. It get s boring . I try my best everyday to make sure I dont do the same things per day. Im a working student BTW so despite having 2 responsibilites I find my life kinda boring.

My routine usually for Fridays - Mondays which are my "Work" days. 4 x a week are :

6PM - Open computer , Go Online

630PM - Open skype set schedule for teaching (ONLINE )

7PM- 2AM (mostly) if no student Play Online game or Watch TV series online

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